Just Announced!

Lighthouse Christian School Donates Clothes to Rutherford County Probation & Recovery

MURFREESBORO, TN—Rutherford County Probation & Recovery Services got a welcomed surprise this week when Lighthouse Christian School of Antioch delivered a whopping 17 bags of clothes to their office!

The donation was part of a collection effort organized by Probation & Recovery Services Assistant Director Alissa Phillips. Phillips’ team partnered with Lighthouse to collect the clothes for their clients and other homeless citizens in the community in anticipation of the upcoming winter weather.

Headmaster Brian Sweatt and high school teacher J.D. Peery were instrumental in the school’s participation with the clothing drive.

“We are grateful to the school, faculty, and parents for helping us to collect such a large amount of clothes,” said Phillips. Phillips also said, “Here at the Rutherford County Probation & Recovery Department, we are striving to serve people just like you and me, that are unfortunately going through a difficult season in life.”

The department welcomes any donations to be shared with those in need in the community. For more information about how you can help, please contact the Probation Office at 615-849-5720.

Probation & Recovery Services employees pictured with the large clothing donation from Lighthouse Christian School.

Pictured (L to R): Jim Tramel, Marci Boggan, McKinzy Paturno, Kelly Lane, Guy Conquest, Kelly Haley, Alissa Phillips, Karmen Ahmed, Maggie Williams, Jordan Mynatt, Les Pearson, Madison Nipper, and Johnna Brown.