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Procedures for the Enforcement of Storm Water Management Ordinance

Inspectors Procedures:

  1. Notification of Violation
    A 72-hour notice is left on the job site and permit holder is notified that violation notice has been posted. Pictures of violation will be recorded with violation notice.

  2. Administrative Notification
    Inspector will give copy of violation notice and permit number to Administrative Assistant for tracking purposes for permanent file.

  3. Re-Inspection of Violation
    Re-inspection of violation after 72 hours
    a) Note if violation has come into compliance
    b) Documentation of re-inspection to be given to Administrative Assistant to close file.
        If compliance is not met please see Procedure #4 (Penalties)

  4. Penalties
    After non-compliance notice the Director of Building Codes may impose a civil penalty for violation.

  5. Appeals
    Appeals of assessed civil penalties may be submitted in writing to the Rutherford County Board of Zoning Appeals within (5) five days of civil penalty.