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Court Collections Components and Details – Future Components

Component 9

Refer to outside collection agency after all in-house collection efforts have been exhausted.

Details for Component 9:
The determination to use a third party for collections should be made on a court-by-court basis. A Court Collections Program Staff must determine at what point in the collections process the Court Collections Program Staff has little hope of collecting the obligation and when the expense of using a third-party collector is justified. For more complex collections cases, the costs of a third-party collector may not be a factor, because after the Court Collections Program Staff’s internal collections efforts have failed and the Court Collections Program Staff has deemed the debt to be uncollectible, any money that a third party collects is money that would not have been collected otherwise.

Component 10

Annually submit required receivables and collections reports to the AOC.

Details for Component 10:
The AOC has established deadlines and standards applicable to the reports required from all Circuit Courts, Circuit Court Family Divisions, District Courts, and Municipal Courts.

The AOC reviews and utilizes these reports to monitor Court Collections Program Staff collections.


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