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Seeds of Life – Community GardenPhoto of the CWC community garden

In 2010 the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center started a vegetable and flower gardening program for both male and female inmates. The purpose of this program is to allow inmates to cultivate a garden from start to finish, promoting responsibility, self-worth and teamwork skills. Seeds of Life also promotes the learning of a trade in order to help support their families or help others during times of need.

Inmates in the program over the last year have been able to provide themselves food, saving the taxpayers money and providing all Inmates with a fresh alternative. Outreach has been another milestone for the Seeds of Life program; providing food to organizations whom supply for the underprivileged as well as delivering fresh flowers to retirement communities.

The program is sponsored by the Mayor’s office and the C.R.O.P. outreach program. Organizations all over Rutherford County have been extremely helpful with both resources and time. Organizations which have been involved are: The Rutherford County Highway Department, The Rutherford County Co-op, UT Agricultural Extension, Tractor Supply Company, Rutherford County mounted patrol, Community Care of Rutherford County and many more. The Rutherford County Correctional Work Center looks forward to the growth of the Seeds of Life program in both future partnerships and the lives that are positively impacted.