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Bernard Salandy

1720 South Church Street
Murfreesboro TN 37130

Phone: (615) 898-7847
Fax: (615) 898-7837

Lobby Hours:
7 Days a Week

Program Descriptions

Positive Parenting – 8 week series of classes that are intended to strengthen the parent child relationship by educating participants with the skills they need to parent their child in the 21st century.

Reformers Unanimous – A faith based addiction program.

Right Road Ministries – To reach those whose paths led them astray. Mentoring and to help lead people in the right direction. To encourage, help build confidence and teach people to reach for new goal.

Circle of Love Sisters (women only)Faith based organization that supports the rehabilitation of incarcerated women. Also, provides mentorship to the women as they re-enter society and journey through the recovery program.

Celebrate Recovery (women only)Faith centered recovery program that promotes accountability and education related to all life’s hurts, habits, and hang ups. The goal is to break the chains, bondage of addictions and compulsions to enable the participant to learn how to live a free and successful life.

Creative Art Class – This class is an introduction to Creative Art. Class will include Art History and plenty of hands on creative art projects using mediums including graphite, charcoal and paint.

Doors of Hope (women only) A non-profit organization providing pre-release female inmates with group mentoring/life skill classes. The goal of the activity is to equip individual participants with a thoroughly planned success strategy before leaving the Work Center and an individual mentor to provide continued guidance, accountability and support after release.

Life Skills – The mission to Life Skills is to provide a learning environment that fosters a healthy self-respect, respect for the higher power thus enabling prisoners to improve relationships with their creator, their families and communities. It is a time of joy and hope for all who desire to overcome the past. Life Skills is about change and new beginnings.

NA & AA – Implementing the 12 step program and introduce to the inmates to recovery.

Resume Skill Writing Class – This is a class provided by United Way to educate inmates on interview skills, resume writing, and job readiness.

Early Recovery – This class is designed to provide participants with knowledge about the recovery process from alcohol or drug abuse. Some examples of the topics covered are the stages of early recovery; triggers and the challenges faced in the early recovery process. Early recovery last approximately four consecutive weeks.

Relapse PreventionThis class is a continuation of the early recovery class but provides the participant with a more in–depth look at how to handle their own recovery process. Topics that are discussed are as follows: What is your motivation for recovery; anticipating and preventing relapse, starting over with new friends, deciding if a fresh start is best for your recovery and each participant will create their own relapse prevention plan. Relapse prevention last approximately five consecutive weeks.

Anger Management – This class is designed to assist an individual with skills to handle their anger issues. Facts and myths about anger will discussed; how to handle conflicts, methods will be provided to channel the anger in a more positive manner. Anger Management last approximately four consecutive weeks.

Moral Reconation Therapy – This is a cognitive behavioral therapy program. MRT is deigned to assist an individual in becoming the person that they would like to be through behavior changes. The goal is for the participants’ purpose in life to be enhanced and for the personality to be restructured. Relationships in life will be improved with family and friends and goals in life will be better defined.

SpeakersGuest speakers are selected based upon the overall need of the participants in the program; some of the speakers are as follows: the Department of Motor Vehicles in reference to drivers’ license issues, the career center for employment and staffing agencies for additional employment resources.

We also have several local churches that volunteer their time to minister to those people who want to participate. Church services are offered about multiple days a week.