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303 North Church Street • Suite 101 • Murfreesboro, TN 37130 • Phone: (615) 217-7124 • Fax: (615) 217-7127

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303 North Church Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Phone: (615) 217-7124
Fax: (615) 217-7127

Who We Are…

The Rutherford County Recovery Court Program consists of two programs: The Drug Court and The DUI Court. In the Drug Court and DUI Court, we identify people involved with the court system who are violating the law because of their addiction. They are then court-ordered into the program, which consists of long-term treatment, random drug screens, and judicial supervision. It is our hope that we will break the cycle of addiction and crime thereby reducing the rearrest and reincarceration rates in our county.

There are now drug courts in every judicial district in the State of Tennessee. Rutherford County should be proud that their drug court has been named a Mentor Court by the State of Tennessee.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rutherford County Recovery Court Programs is to reduce the length and use of incarceration, reduce the recidivism rate of crimes related to substance abuse and alcoholism and improve the safety and quality of life in our community by utilizing an innovative, efficient, integrated model of services.

Veterans Treatment Court

The Rutherford County Recovery Court has just recently added a new Veterans Treatment Court to meet the specific needs of the men and women who have served our country and returned with challenges as a result of their experiences in difficult circumstances. The Rutherford County Veterans Treatment Court's goal is to give veterans a new chance at a stable and productive life. Through a judicially structured program, eligible veteran-defendants with substance dependency and/or mental illness, who are charged with felony or misdemeanor non-violent criminal offense(s), are furloughed to a specialized criminal court docket. Veterans are identified through evidence-based screening and assessments which includes a mental health evaluation, and an alcohol/substance abuse assessment. Veterans participating in this program are supervised by case managers assigned to assist the veteran with his or her specific plan of treatment. Judge Ben Hall McFarlin presides over the court.

For more information on Veteran Services in Rutherford County visit please


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