Alert Rutherford

The County Emergency Notification System

If We Can’t Reach You, We Can’t Alert You!”

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Alert Rutherford The County Emergency Notification System, powered by Everbridge, is a new system now in place in Rutherford County which is designed to provide you with information about issues that may affect your safety.  This system will allow your jurisdiction in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, LaVergne, Smyrna, or Eagleville to contact thousands of residents in seconds so you find out about an emergency right away.

Receive important messages on your home phone, cell phone, text, email, and more.

Alert Rutherford – The County Emergency Notification System can deliver messages to you any way you want: on your home phone, cell phone, email, and others. This way, we can reach you in any emergency.

How does it work?

The process begins when Rutherford County officials or your City/Town officials participating issues a message about a potential safety hazard or concern. The Alert Rutherford system dials your registered contact numbers or sends a email or Text message that you provide until you confirm the receipt of the message.  If you don't confirm receipt of the message, the system will attempt to reach your secondary contact number or email.

1. Fire with hazardous materials impacting area homes and businesses.

2. Public safety officials will access the Alert Rutherford Everbridge notification system to notify residents and businesses.

3. System starts contacting thousands of residents instantly by phone, fax, email, text and more.

4. Recipients receive information or instructions for safety precautions.

powered by everbridge

The success of this service relies on YOU!  Having your latest contact information is the only way to ensure that we can contact you in an emergency.   

Please Sign up at

Thank you in advance for you cooperation and participation in this important program.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, contact the Alert Rutherford Management Team at

 Rutherford County Respects Your Privacy!!
Any personal information you provide will never shared or distributed, unless required to do so by law.  Additionally, jurisdictional officials who utilize the system will never use your information for any purpose other than to send emergency notifications, information or instructions pertaining to the citizens of Rutherford County

 “If we can’t reach you ….. We can’t alert you!!”

Web Sign-Up Instructions

1.  Go to

2.  Click on “Sign Up for Alerts”

     This simple 3 step process will allow you to create your own Web User ID and Password

       Which will allow you to access, manage, and update the information you enter.  This process is

       safe and secure.

3.  Select drop down menus and select what applies to your needs.


 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alert Rutherford - The County Emergency Notification System?

This service allows you to opt-in to receive notifications via phone calls, text messaging, e-mail and more based on locations you care about. You can choose to receive notifications about events that may affect your home, workplace, family's schools and more.

When will it be used?

This system will be used to notify you about imminent threats to health and safety as well as informational notifications that affect your locations or work environments. Administrators will send notifications regarding severe weather, flooding, hazardous material incidents, police activity and more.

Who will activate it?

This system will be activated by County Public Safety Officials and local municipalities within Rutherford County, Tennessee.Each municipality has the ability to generate emergency community notifications to the public within their jurisdiction.

Will I still get emergency notifications if I don't sign up?

If you don't create an account with username and password, you will receive notifications only by the methods that are on file from public data (telephone directory, utility info, etc). (Ex- Home phone number)

What if my phone number or email address changes?

The system is only as good as the information you provide. If your contact information changes, you can always visit your profile and update your information.

Will my contact information be shared with others?

No. The information that you provide will be used only for notification purposes. We will not give or sell your contact or location information to any vendor or other organization.

Are there other ways to receive emergency notifications?

Yes. In addition to landline, cell phone, e-mail and text notifications, citizens can download the Everbridge Mobile Member app for their smartphones. Search for the Everbridge Mobile Member app on the Apple Store or Google Play store. Once installed, you can login with your account credentials that you created on this site to receive emergency notifications.


Powered By everbridge

Keep up to date with alerts using your smartphone! Visit the Apple Store (for iPhone and iPad) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and search for the Everbridge Mobile Member App. You must already be signed up for alerts on Alert Rutherford to use these apps.


Alert Rutherford Partners

The Rutherford County Emergency Communications District is proud to be partners in providing Alert Rutherford with the following stakeholders:

City Of Murfreesboro

Town Of Smyrna

City Of Lavergne

City Of Eagleville

County Of Rutherford

Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency

Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services

Rutherford County Sheriff's Department

Murfreesboro Police Department

Smyrna Police Department

Lavergne Police Department

Eagleville Police Department

Murfreesboro Fire And Rescue Department

Smyrna Fire Department

Lavergne Fire Department

Rutherford County Fire And Rescue Department