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Rutherford County Emergency Management provides training for a wide range of public service departments and agencies including Fire, Police, and Rescue services. The courses include a number of locally produced criteria and also include Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, and Department of Homeland Security training. Along with training, the EMA also conducts regular Table- top, Functional, and Full-scale training. You may check the training current training schedule by clicking the Training Icon on the Home Page.

Training includes but is not limited to:

Emergency Response to Terrorism Awareness- 8 Hrs

Emergency Response to Terrorism - 16 hrs

Radiological Monitoring & Response- 8 hrs

Emergency Response to Radiological Incidents (MERRTT) - 8 or 16 hrs

Foreign Animal Disease Response (FAD) - 16 hrs

Hazardous Matrials Awareness - 4 hrs

Hazardous Materials Operations (HMO) 40 hrs

Hazardous Materials Team Operations (HMTO) 80 hrs

Introduction to Incident Command - 100 4 hrs

Incident Command System 300 Middle Management & General Staff - 16 hrs

Incident Command System 400 Command & General Staff - 16 hrs

National Incident Management System 700 - 3 hrs

National Response Plan 800 - 4 hrs

NFA Incident Command System - 16 hrs

Ground Search and Rescue Operations - 24 hrs

Hospital First Receiver Decontamination - 12 hrs

Current Training Schedule

Please contact Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency for training applications. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Each class must have a minimum of 15 students, if this number is not met the class will be canceled and notifications will be sent out. Unless otherwise noted each class will be held at the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency training room and will last typically from 0800-1630 hrs.


Hazardous Materials TEAM OPERATIONS (HMTO)

When: April 18 though 29 2016 (Weekdays only)

Time: 8am 5pm each day.

Location: Rutherford County Emergency Management

This 80-hour course students are trained to operate in an offensive mode when responding to a hazardous materials incident.  It is also designed to prepare team members to operate safely and as a unit in dealing with Hazardous Materials incidents. Emphasis is on teamwork and the use and limitations of existing team equipment. Content includes personal protection, safety procedures, basic physical and chemical properties, container characteristics, basic tactics and guidelines for team policies, procedures and operations. Module quizzes are utilized to evaluate class progress.  Field trips and hands-on competency drills are conducted to reinforce classroom activities.  There is a final test and the course concludes with an evaluated written and practical (hands-on) exam, with a full-scale team exercise.  An average score of 80 must be maintained to successfully complete the course. 

Prerequisites: TEMA HazMat Awareness, TEMA Haz Mat Operations or the two courses conducted by Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy listed below, IS 700, IS 800, IS 100, IS 200 (FEMA On-line courses), 16 hr classroom ICS course (ICS 300 or equivalent), IS-3 (RAD) and TEMA Radiological Monitoring (8hr) or the MERRTT 16 hr. cours.

Reciprocity: Either one of the following Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy’s (TFACA) hazardous materials courses are considered equivalent to the TEMA Hazardous Materials for Operational Level Response course: Recruit/Firefighter I – F100  (400 hrs) course (NFPA 2008) and Hazardous Materials Operations Level Hands-on-FF171 (32 hrs) course (NFPA 2008).

Target Audience: Only full time firefighters and active Hazmat Operations Level Team Members.

Call for applications! Application Cutoff Date- COB MARCH 13 2016





For questions and applications please contact RCEMA:
1220 W. College St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7764
Fax: (615) 898-7840


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