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Special Operations

Special Operations and Response Team

The Rutherford County Special Operations Response Team (SORT) is a county government response entity which is a division of Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and an operational arm of the Rutherford County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). This team is comprised of twenty-two (22) highly specialized and crossed trained rescue medics providing a wide range of technical rescue and response capabilities such as: CBRNE/ Hazardous Materials, Search and Rescue, Mass Causality Events, Technical extrication/extraction, High/Low Angle, Confined Space, Trench, Collapse, and water related incidents such as swift water rescue/recovery, surface water search/ rescue and underwater search/ rescue/recovery.

SORT Unit SORT also provides law enforcement support by providing investigatory recovery missions and tactical medics. The diverse abilities of SORT personnel allow them to be prepared for numerous variations and applications of specialty rescue responses. This team has become a vital component of the emergency response community not only in Rutherford County, but as a highly valued resource asset of the Homeland Security Nashville Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and the Middle Tennessee area. SORT is also available to provide service across Tennessee under the state wide mutual aid compact thereby providing assistance to numerous local, state, and federal agencies.

The Division has the following units:

SR 1
A 2006 Marion Heavy-duty Rescue truck in service that is available 24 hours a day. These units are staffed with ALS paramedics at all times for any type of rescue that should arise in Rutherford County. Every SORT paramedic is trained in Basic Vehicle Rescue (BVR) and Basic Rescue Practices (BRP).SORT Team image

Structural Collapse/Trench Rescue Trailer

HazMat 1, HazMat2
Hazardous Materials Response and Decontamination trailers

Water Rescue SR 5
SCUBA/River Rescue Trailer

River Rescue 1, Zumro self bailing rescue boat with a 60hp motor

River Rescue 2, Zodiac Rescue boat with a 30hp motor

Swift Water 1, inflatable 8 man rescue raft

Swift Water 2, inflatable 4 man rescue raft

Swift Water 3, Technical 2 man swift water raft

All Rescue Division Paramedics are licensed with the same ALS training and skills as those assigned to the Ambulance Division. All of our Rescue vehicles are fully equipped with ALS equipment similar to the ambulances. The Rescue Division also includes the Hazardous Materials Response Team and the River Rescue Units.

Tactical Operations Paramedic Support (T.O.P.S.)

"Good medicine in bad places"

Rutherford County EMS T.O.P.S. team was established in 1993 and is the oldest of the special teams. Paramedics are trained to provide medical support during tactical operations with law enforcement. They are trained in evacuation and treatment of patients under hostile conditions. They are equipped and ready to respond to such incidents as riots, hostage situations, and felony warrant arrests.

The team consists of eight paramedics that work primarily with the Rutherford County Sheriffs Department, however the team is made available for training and deployment for all law enforcement agencies within the County. The team trains monthly and must pass yearly physical agility tests.

Bike Team

In 1996, the RCEMS Pedal Medic Team was started with a monetary donation of $500 from Middle Tennessee Medical Center and a donation of two Specialized HardRock Bicycles from Nashville Bike Company of Murfreesboro.

Fourteen Paramedics and EMT's joined the team with all training and events worked by the team members off-duty and without pay. Today, the team consists of ten to fifteen members and training takes place on their days off, without pay. The team does receive pay for working most events, except for covering Public Relation Events for Rutherford County. Training is mandatory at least once a month.

Photo of Bike Team members assisting someone The team presently rides Gary Fisher mountain bikes. These bikes are equipped with lights, sirens, AED's, BLS and all ACLS drugs, and portable 02. The teams ride in pairs with one bike equipped with the BLS supplies and the other with all ALS supplies.

Over half of the Medics and EMT's are I.P.M.B.A. certified. The International Police Mountain Bike Association added EMS Cyclist Section to their training. This consists of four days of classroom and riding skills training. This teaches how to ride in large crowds of people and difficult places which allows the rider to get to the injured victim.

The team covers large events like Uncle Dave Macon Days, MTSU football games, the Smyrna Air Shows, Christmas Parades, and Street Festivals. The team rides on the Greenway when time and weather permits. The bike team has their own trailer, small maintenance shop, and tools to keep the bicycle and equipment in top working order. All team members wear uniforms which consist of red shirts and black pants or shorts.