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How do I file a juvenile petition?
You can file juvenile petitions at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department Monday through Friday between 6:00am – 6:00 pm. Look for the Judicial Commissioners Office near the vehicle sally port.

Why was my child fingerprinted?
Any youth brought into our facility charged with a felony must be fingerprinted. These print cards are sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and placed on file.

Why did the law enforcement officer take my child to the Emergency room?
Youths who may be under the influence of any illegal substance must be cleared medically before they will be accepted into our facility.

How are abuse allegations handled?
It is the policy of this department to refer all abuse allegations to the Tennessee State Department of Children’s Services through the Abuse Hotline. In the event a criminal investigation becomes necessary, this department will file a report with local law enforcement.

Why do some kids have to stay in juvenile detention while others get to go home?
Every youth that is charged with an offense may not be appropriate to stay overnight in juvenile detention. Generally, we detain children who are a risk to him/herself or the community. 

What happens if I don’t want to come pick up my child?
Once the decision has been made to release a child, if a parent refuses to collect their child within a reasonable amount of time the court will charge the parent with the standard contract rate for detainment which is currently $175.00 a night.

Can you hold my child to teach them a lesson?
No, we can not detain a child to “teach them a lesson.” There are many laws that govern how a juvenile detention center operates. It is illegal to hold anyone (including a child) without charges.

My child was charged with a crime, not me. Why do I have to go to court?
A parent or legal guardian must always appear in court with their child. The court system believes if it was important enough for the child to be charged, then it is important enough for the parent/guardian to make arrangements to appear in court with their child.

My son had a seizure while in detention and now I got a bill from the emergency room. Why do I have to pay this bill?
If a detained child requires medical attention the parent/guardian is still legally and financially responsible for those bills.

How do I set up visitation?
Call our main number (615) 898-7954 and tell us your child’s name and that you want to set up a visit…we will walk you through the rest.

Who is allowed to visit?
Parents/guardians, clergy, probation officers, caseworkers, and attorneys. Parents can bring other family members if necessary, but they will have to stay in the lobby during the visitation.

Where do I go for the visit?
Go to Juvenile Detention’s main entrance. This entrance is located to the left of the Juvenile Services Center where the second set of flags is located.

Where do I go to drop off items for my child who is being detained?
Look for the door at the front of the building the says “Property Drop Off.” You can see this door from the main road.

My child has just been released from detention, where do I go to get him?
Go to the same door where you dropped off property, that door also says “Release.”