Circuit Court 16th Judicial Dist Division 3


409 Rutherford County Judicial Building
20 Public Square North
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Phone: (615) 898-8074
Fax: (615) 898-8013

TCA BooksSelf Help Center – Learn More About Tennessee's Legal System

Guide to the Tennessee Courts
This site provides an overview of the Tennessee judicial system, including explanations of each court’s jurisdiction and a glossary of legal terms.

Media Guide to Tennessee’s Legal System
This site is a guide for journalists covering judicial proceedings. It includes relevant laws about covering trials and accessing court information, as well as basic information about the legal system.

Map of Tennessee Judicial Districts
This interactive map allows you to find courthouse addresses, as well as the names of Judges and court clerks, for each county.

Glossary of Legal Terms
A glossary of terms commonly used in the legal system.

Tennessee Code Annotated
This site allows you to search and read the complete Tennessee Code Annotated.

Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure
A complete list of the procedural rules for criminal cases in Tennessee.

Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure
A complete list of the procedural rules for civil cases in Tennessee.

Tennessee Rules of Evidence
Rules governing the ways evidence can be used in legal proceedings.

Local Rules of Practice - Sixteenth Judicial District
Rules of the 16th Judicial District trial courts (Rutherford and Cannon Counties).