Understanding Local Government

CTAS e-Library
A library of learning materials and information about local government of interest to Tennessee county officials and others, provided by University of Tennessee’s County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS).

Budget Documents and Audit Information
Budget Documents detail all Government Revenue and Expenditure allocations.

County Government Handbook
317 page guidebook about Local Governments in Tennessee provided by the University of Tennessee's County Technical Assistance Service.

Private Acts of Rutherford County
204 page explanation and analysis of the Private Acts which govern how Rutherford County operates. Included are actions of the Tennessee General Assembly that relate to Rutherford County as compiled by the University of Tennessee's County Technical Assistance Service.

Statistical Information
Selected statistical and demographic information from TACIR (Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations). Includes statistical information regarding geography, income, healthcare, employment, government finance, public infrastructure need inventory, and education.

Rutherford County Community Strategic Plan 1995-1996
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Summary Document—A plan by the people of Rutherford County for the greater Rutherford County community.

Ethics Policy
The ethics policy is the document that governs how the Ethics Committee conducts its business.