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Rutherford County essential offices will be open with limited staffing, but closed to the general public until April 19. Learn More.



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Steve Ervin - Director
Probation Department
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In accordance with the Governor's Executive Order 22, Mayor Ketron announced that Rutherford County essential offices will be open with limited staffing, but closed to the general public beginning Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 am through 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 19. Learn More.

  • ALL in office appointments that have been scheduled including orientation, will need to report via web reporting, phone, or email. Keep your scheduled appointments for the same date and time with your Probation Case Manager, however instead of reporting in person, you will report via web, email, or phone for your scheduled visit.

  • Payments will be received via USPS at this time. All receipts will be available to pick up at a later date with your Case Manager, or we can scan and email your receipt upon request.

  • Classes will be completed with their Treatment Case Manager via phone or email during this time. If they have to have one on one interaction, that may be performed over the phone.

  • We have limited meal bags, snack bags, and hygiene bags still available for our Probationers for curbside pickup. Please let your Probation Case Manager know if you have any specific needs we can help with while you aren’t reporting in the office.

Our Mission

The Rutherford County Probation and Recovery Services is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe community for the citizens of Rutherford County, Tennessee. The mission of the Department of Probation and Recovery Services is to protect the community by changing offender behavior, restoring losses to victims, and stressing offender accountability through effective treatment and case management practices.

What We Do

The Rutherford County Probation and Recovery Services acts as the "eyes and ears" of the Courts to supervise defendants convicted of or entering conditional guilty pleas to state and local crimes.


Gather and verify information about persons who are sentenced to a term of probation by the Courts.

Enforce the Court's orders by ensuring probationers comply with the condition the Court has set for their release to the community.

Protect the community through effective supervision methods that reduce the probability that probationers will commit new criminal offenses.

Prepare reports the Courts rely on to make modification and revocation decisions. In compiling reports, Case Managers use such varied techniques as: -Praises and/or reprimands
-Graduated sanctions
- Restricted movements and activities
- Requests for modifying the conditions of probation
- Seeking revocation of probationers who pose flight risks to public safety and/or have demonstrated a pattern of unwillingness to comply

Direct probationers to specialized services to address underlying problems that may be linked to the demonstrated criminal behavior. These services include:
- Behavioral intervention programs
- Substance abuse treatment
- Mental health treatment
- Medical care
- Vocational training
- Housing assistance - Employment assistance