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Real Property/Admin.
319 N. Maple St.
Suite 200
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7750
Fax: (615) 898-7854

Business Personal Property
319 N. Maple St.
Suite 218
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Phone: (615) 898-7761
Fax: (615) 898-7854

Change of Mailing Address

Per Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-5-508 (2011) Notifications from the Assessor’s Office “shall be sent by United States mail, addressed to the last known address of the taxpayer, and shall be effective when mailed.”

The Assessor’s Office uses deeds and other legal instruments as a source of last known addresses. If you want to change your mailing address for a property please fill out the Change of Address Form and return it to the assessors office by mail or in person.

Residential Change of Address Form (PDF)

Commercial Change of Address Form (PDF)

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