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Tangible Personal Property E-Filing

The Rutherford County Property Assessor is making available to your business the ability to electronically file (E-File) your tangible personal property schedule online.  This service will enable to you the capability to promptly file your personal property schedule without all the hassle of additional paperwork.

The procedure is simple.  All that is required is a phone call to the assessor's office at (615) 898-7761 and request the Digital E-file document to be sent to you via email.  Once you receive the digital template you can begin your filing process.  You will need to  make any required change,  i.e. removing deleted personal property and adding newly acquired tangible personal property.  There is also a leased equipment section to list all current leases.  (see 2014 Taxpayer Instructions for Personal Property E-Filing)

All that is then required is to email the electronic filing back to our office to the email address that is provided.   We will send you a confirmation that the electronic filing was received in our office.

If we should have any questions, we will contact your business; otherwise, you will receive an assessment notice in May.


NOTE:  If you have a name change, mailing address change, property address change, or phone number change,  you will not be able to E-File for 2014.

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  • International Association of Assessing Officers
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