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Online Filing Your Personal Property Schedule B Form

The Personal Property Department is proud to be able to offer Online Filing for your Tax Schedule B form.

We have made our Online Filing process easier for you to use. The assessor's office is offering Online Filing to Rutherford County businesses for tax year 2016. You can begin by simply clicking on Tax Schedule B below. Your Account Number and PIN are listed on the blue Tangible Personal Property Schedule which is required to begin your filing process.  NOTE: If you have a change of address, please include your phone number so that we may contact you to confirm the change.

After you have completed filing your Schedule B online, you will be able to print your completed schedule for your records, and you will get a confirmation number.

If we should have any questions, we will contact your business; otherwise, you will receive an assessment notice in May.

Begin Tax Schedule B Online Filing Now

Online Filing Video

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