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What is the role of the County Health Council?


The Council shall exist as an advisory and support body to the Tennessee Department of health regarding the health problems of the County.


Develop a community health plan which includes health problems and needs identification
Develop goals, objectives and plans of action to meet these needs along with identifying and securing resources.
Establish priorities for all identified health problems
Identify department/organization work teams and community agencies that should coordinate efforts with respect to each health problems.

How are the priority areas identified?

Initially, the Community Diagnosis Process- a community based-community owned process was used to:

  • Analyze the health status of the community
  • Evaluate the health resources, services, and systems of care within the community
  • Assess attitudes toward community health services and issues
  • Identify priorities, establish goals, and determine a coarse of action to improve the health status of the community
  • Establish a baseline for measuring improvement over time

The end result of the community diagnosis process was a prioritized health goals and proposed interventions to address the needs of the community. As needed, the Council will reassess community health needs and establish new priority areas and action plan.

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