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As a wellness coordinator, your job is to improve the overall health of the company’s workforce.  Provided are answers to questions you may have and additional resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start an effective Workplace Wellness program?

  • First, you need to know the wants and needs of your workplace.  This can be achieved by using health risk appraisals, lifestyle questionnaires, interest surveys and even studying common claims through company-sponsored health care programs.  From here, with management support, you can begin to outline a program of action that focuses on the issues that your research showed would be of most benefit to your workplace.  You also need to plan how you will execute the program, monitor its success and keep it running. 

How do I get my company to support a Workplace Wellness program?

  • In order to gain company support you must show them the need for a wellness program, show them your plans for the program and how they will be executed (including detailed budgets), and show them the benefits of supporting such a program (including monetary and physical benefits).

How do I develop a successful Workplace Wellness program?

  • After garnering senior management support, research best-practice programs already developed and in place for worksites similar to yours.  Then establish a straightforward plan and design the worksite wellness program.  After implementation, be sure to evaluate and make appropriate changes balancing responsibilities to optimize quality of health/work life, productivity, cost savings, and profitability.
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