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As an employee, your company may have a Workplace Wellness program in place or you may see a need to have one started.  Provided are answers to your questions and additional resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

If my company doesn’t have a Workplace Wellness program, how do I get one started?

  • Getting buy-in from the company CEO or president would be the first place to start.  Support from the top will help set the tone as a priority.  Once it is established as an important priority a wellness leader should be appointed preferably someone who is passionate about wellness.  A health interest survey would provide your company’s wellness leader with insight as to programs that would be of most interest.  
  • Other suggestions may be found at

My company has a Workplace Wellness program, how do I become more involved?

  • Tune in to every opportunity that the company offers for improving one’s health.  These may be health screenings, lunch and learn, health fairs, health related newsletters, and health brochures at your workplace. Encourage walking programs on lunch breaks. Competitive teams are an incentive for some to participate. Establish an in-house wellness library. Prizes and incentives for employee participation in wellness programs stimulate involvement.

How does being healthy help me and how can it help my job?

  • Being healthy can help you by reducing the number of and chances of you getting many health conditions that are controlled a lot by a poor lifestyle, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  When you are healthy, and feel healthy, you have more energy and can perform your job better. 

What does a healthy lifestyle look like?

  • A healthy lifestyle consists of proper nutrition, frequent exercise, limited use of alcohol, cessation of tobacco use and managed stress levels. offers ideas and suggestions on how to manage nutrition and physical fitness in your life. Sites such as the American heart association (  and  the National Institutes of Health ( also have great information on how to lead a healthy life.


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