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On-the-Job Injury (OJI)

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This information relates to the On-the-Job Injury Program for Rutherford County Government. This Program is provided for in Tennessee Code 50-6-106(6), Rutherford County has elected to opt out of the State Workers Compensation Program and elected to impement and administrate an On-the-Job Injury Program (hereinafter OJI). The OJI program was developed by the County to provide a culture of safety & well-being for all its employees. Rutherford County is committed to incorporate & maintain a well-trained, informed & responsible workforce.

The OJI program is a benefits program that provides medical, rehabilitation, income, death and other benefits to qualified employees due to injury, illness and death resulting from a compensable work-related claim. In addition to these benefits, the injured employee also has certain responsibilities. The benefits and responsibilities are described in greater detail in the plan document.

Please review the OJI Plan Document PDF for detailed information about the program.