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A Message from Director of Schools Marvin D. Odom

School security gets lots of attention these days because of the tragedies we’ve experienced around the country. In Rutherford County, I’m very proud of our schools and the strong partnership we have forged with the sheriff’s office and its dedicated School Resource Officer program.

The SRO program was the first of its kind in Tennessee and is a shining example of our county’s commitment to provide safe learning environments for our children and employees.

Under the leadership of Sheriff Robert Arnold and Captain Barry Hendrixson, our schools conduct practice drills and scenarios throughout the year to ensure administrators, teachers, students and parents are prepared when emergencies occur. Over the past few years we have developed and refined a comprehensive safety plan that is followed by all Rutherford County schools, and it is a model used by others in the state of Tennessee.

Along with the sheriff, we advocated for increased funding in 2013 to provide each school with at least one full-time officer. Our County Commission supported the measure because it understands the importance of safe schools. These officers do more than provide security. They also work with students as part of the educational process to build a rapport and eliminate potential issues before they occur.

Our schools consistently rank among the best in Tennessee and beyond. Part of that success can be attributed to students feeling safe and secure in the classroom. I am grateful for the service our sheriff’s deputies provide and the diligence they give to protecting our most valuable resource — our children.

Marvin D. Odom, Director
Rutherford County Schools