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SRO Division
(615) 898-7925

940 New Salem Highway
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

SRO Triad plus One

Photo of SRO Dick Peach

Smyrna Elementary & Smyrna Primary

You can reach Officer Peach at (615) 890-4378 during regular school hours. Image of Officer Peach

I have over 25 years in law enforcement. I served 12 years as a city policeman in Decatur, Illinois. I am a veteran of the United States Army (Military Police Corps). I am beginning my 14th year as a School Resource Officer. I have served briefly at Stewartsboro Elementary, 3 months at Central Middle School, 7 years at Lascassas Elementary, and I am I am proud to currently be serving Smyrna Elementary and Smyrna Primary Schools since January 2010. I am closely involved with Special Olympics – Area 16. I help coordinate fundraisers held at Toot’s Good Food and Fun Restaurants in Smyrna and Murfeesboro.

At my first SRO assignment, Cedar Grove Elementary, Smyrna/Lavergne area, three (3) students, ages 9 and 10, lost their lives in automobile accidents. No seat-belts in use. I visited these homes and attended the funerals and vowed that I never want this to happen again...hence...every time I appear before the students or make public announcements on the P.A. or on school T.V., I always say...

"And remember...WEAR-YOUR-SEATBELT"!