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What is T.E.A.M.? (Teen Education Alcohol Management)

T.E.A.M. is a cooperative effort between the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers and Special Enforcement Bureau in conjunction with Rutherford County Court system. Using a two-prong method consisting of enforcement and education will provide a positive impact in deterring teen alcohol consumption.

The Enforcement Team consists of SEB and SRO’s whose responsibilities will be to enforce laws pertaining to underage purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, the enforcement team conducts investigations into those businesses that are selling to minors and prosecutes offenders who violate the law.

During the Sheriff’s Office previous underage alcohol intervention efforts, a consistent and valid concern by the merchants was the failure to address attempts by juveniles to purchase alcohol. By incorporating Cops In Shops and Third Party interventions this issue is pursued. Cops In Shops allows the store owner to have an undercover officer posing as an employee to observe the underage consumer commit the purchase of alcohol. During this time surveillance teams will observe from a discreet location in attempt to intervene with Third Party purchasers.

T.E.A.M. is a positive concept that is both proactive and reactive. Deterring sales to minors and educating teens on the dangers and consequences of alcohol consumption. Implementing the T.E.A.M. concept using the twp-pronged method would allow us to work from both ends to meet in the middle with a positive successful outcome.