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Room 200
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Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.

P: (615) 898-7732
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Subdivision Development Process Effective October 1, 2013

1. A Concept Meeting with a rough sketch of proposed project and a “name”.

2. Preliminary Plat submittal. Master Plan

    a.Traffic, Drainage or any other engineering studies may be required for submittal.

3. Preliminary Plan Review by staff.

Planning Commission considers the Preliminary Plan for approval

4. Approval of Preliminary Plat by Planning Commission

5.Construction Plans for individual Phases are submitted to the County Engineer. (3 sets)

    a. Provide copy of Stormwater Prevention Pollution Plan (SWPPP)

    b. Traffic, Drainage or any other engineering studies may be required for submittal.

6. Construction Plan Review by staff

7. Pre-Construction Meeting

    a.Contractor ,the Developer’s  Engineer, and Erosion Prevention Sediment Control Inspector (Level 1)  must attend

    b.Notice of Coverage (NOC) from Tennessee Department of Environment Conservation (TDEC) must be on file

    c. Provide contact information for Developer’s stormwater inspector (TDEC Level 1 certified)

    d. Obtain Land Disturbance Permit with County

    e. Any other permits if required

    f. The Developer’s Engineer is to provide the building costs for the phase submitted.  The proposed amount shall include a detailed itemized estimate of all items. This list will be signed and stamped.

    g. Need a total of 10 revised sets of Construction Plans and digital formats: .pdf and .dwg

8. County Engineer approves and signs Construction Drawings after any revisions, if necessary

9. Developer is to distribute approved/signed construction drawings to appropriate utility companies.

10. Developer can proceed to ONLY install erosion prevention and sediment control (EPSC) per the

     Construction Drawings and will notify Engineering Department after installation for County inspection.  

11.Engineering Department Inspector will inspect the site for Erosion and Sediment Control compliance with the Construction Drawings. A “Notice to Proceed” will be issued to the Developer.

12. Construction can proceed at that time.

13. Developer’s Stormwater Inspector (valid TDEC Level 1certification) shall begin twice weekly inspections.

14. Sites with TDEC’s permits shall be subject to random TDEC Inspection.

15. County Engineering Inspectors will visit the site periodically to check for compliance with the Construction Drawings.

16. Developer to contact Engineering Department at critical junctures. i.e. subgrade inspections prior to base stone, storm/sewer placement, base stone placements.

17. Proof Roll by the Engineering Department is required prior to placing stone, curb, and asphalt binder; call Engineering office ((615) 898-7732) or Engineering Inspector to schedule. (A proof roll is invalid if rain occurs between placement of material and proof roll)

18. Final Plat Submittal.

19. Final Plat review by Staff.

Planning Commission considers the Final Plat for approval

20. Final Plat Approved by Planning Commission

21. Prior to recording the Plat:

    a.Performance Surety must be in place.

    i. Surety amount to be determined by the County Engineer.  The minimum amount of the Surety shall be 110% of the calculated cost of installation prior to any improvements to the site.  If a developer wishes to record a Final Plat before all improvements are in place then the surety amount may be reduced to reflect the conditions of the site.   Surety amount cannot be reduced more than 50% of the total. Note: County Engineer may request an updated itemized cost list from the Developer at this time if the original submittal appears outdated.

    b. Performance Agreement in place

    c. As-builts submitted

    d. Pay Development Tax

    e. HOA functioning as stated on plat

    f. All outstanding administrative fees are paid

    g. Sign and Record approved Maintenance Agreement with County

    i.Developer’s Engineer must provide legal descriptions and highlighted plat of all Stormwater Infrastructure that is to be included in the Maintenance Agreement.

 22. Final Plat recorded

23. Prior to release of lots for building permits;

    a. Recordation of Final Plat.

    b. Street signs/Stop signs erected by developer.

    c. Drainage stabilized.

    d. Letter from CUD if on a STEP system

    e. Roadway at minimum in 4” base stone. No certification of Occupancy (CoO) will be   issued until the entire section is in binder.

24. Lots Released

25. Road must have final asphalt topping within a year after binder has been installed.

26. After final asphalt topping is placed and approved, the road will be under warranty for one year before acceptance by the County Road Board.

27. Developer’s Engineer will provide a signed/stamped Certification of Completion to County Engineer stating that all improvements have been made per the Construction Drawings.

28. At the developer’s request in writing, a final inspection will take place by the Engineering Department.

29. Developer submits a Notice of Termination (NOT) from TDEC to the Engineering Department  confirming complete site stabilization.

30. Road Board accepts roads into county inventory after final approval from Engineering Department.

31. Release of Surety.