Stormwater Illicit Discharge

What is an illicit discharge?
An illicit discharge is the introduction of anything except stormwater into the Rutherford County Stormwater System. What is the Rutherford County Stormwater System? If you live in a subdivision, the Stormwater System is the collections of curb inlets, drainage ditches, and detention ponds that convey the stormwater out of your subdivision. If you don't live in a subdivision, typically your road side ditch is the only component of the Stormwater System that you may have on your property. Contrary to popular belief, water that enters into this system does not get treated by a sewer treatment plant. This water instead drains into our creeks, rivers and lakes. That is why it is important not to put anything into the Stormwater System. For a list of discharges that are allowed see Chapter 7 of the Stormwater Management Ordinance. To report an illicit discharge you can click on the link below for a form to email the Rutherford County Stormwater Department or call (615) 898-7732.

As part of our Illicit Discharge Program the County performs stream walks each summer to look for illicit discharges draining into a stream or river and inspect known outfalls for discharges during dry weather. You may see a County vehicle parked on the side of the road near a stream crossing. When we walk a stream we typically stay in the stream bed, looking on both sides of the stream bank. If you see a County vehicle parked by a stream and have questions about our illicit discharge inspections you can contact the Stormwater Department at (615) 898-7732.

Report an Illicit Discharge Form

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