Inventory Control - FAQ

What happens to county surplus?

Can the county sell to me directly?

What does the county do with surplus land?

Who does the county use for online auctions?

What happens to Delinquent Tax Sale Properties bought by the county?

What should we do if we have county or school equipment that needs to be surplused?

When does the school surplus list become available?

Do I have to wait for the school surplus list before disposal?

When will they pick up surplus not sold?

How often does an inventory reviews take place?

How do I know what you are looking for in these reviews?

What happens when assets are not found?

What is a “missing” asset?

What is the difference between “missing” and “remaining”?

Do you tag special program items given to teachers?

Do you tag sports and band booster equipment?

Why did you tag my personal equipment?

Should I do my own inventory record keeping?