Community Care of Rutherford County

Our skilled nursing facility is uniquely intergenerational by hosting weekly activities with the onsite daycare (children 6 weeks to 5 years of age). Our second-best design feature is our beautiful country location and 22 acres of landscaped grounds. In the presence of nature and fresh air, you’ll get stronger faster while receiving care or therapy services during a short term or long term care stay.

Enjoy the Best Staff During Your Stay!
We pride ourselves by hiring the best staff, that loves taking care of older adults. Our Medical Director comes weekly, and the Nurse Practioners are onsite daily and on call while not onsite. We have a Registered Dietician to ensure food strengthens the body and plays nice with medications. We also have a wound care doctor that rounds weekly at the facility.  And although not “staff,” we have several animals that live on site, and pets that come for uplifting visits almost daily.

We Get Involved in Our Community
We love our community, and host several community  events throughout the year, like 4th of July cookout, Boo bash, Easter egg Hunt, Mother’s Day tea, Father’s Day cookout, Friendsgiving dinner, and nursing home week. Additionally, we offer religious services on site for a spiritual boost – all are welcome.