Meet the Team

Photo of Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper is the Recovery Court Program Assistant. He works with people in the community that have substance and/or mental health issues. The team he works with gives people with legal issues the option of recovery and self-betterment instead of jail time. Ryan takes care of the day to day operations at the Recovery Court. He believes in the work done at the Recovery Court and knows that if a person is willing the team at this facility can help unlock their true potential. He is inspired knowing that one life changed has a ripple effect that is beneficial not only to that client participating in the program but also their families, the people they work with, and the community of Rutherford County. When Ryan is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, working on his salt and freshwater fish tanks, and trying to keep things alive in his garden. You can reach him at [email protected].

Photo of El Smith

El Smith - MSW

Elcindra Smith is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, where she received both her bachelor's and master's degree in Social Work. El has been working as a Mental Health professional since 2014 and has worked with other populations in the field of social work within various internships and previous agencies of employment since 2004. She started her career with the mental health population in 2014, where she worked at the Guidance Center as a case manager, was promoted to Team Lead, then transitioned to the role as a case manager of the Mental Health Court of Rutherford County in November of 2019. Mental Health is El's passion, and she hopes to be able to continue to broaden her horizons in the field.

Photo of Lori Flippo

Lori Flippo - BS

Lori Flippo is a graduate of Kansas State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Lori has worked in the mental health/social service field for over 10 years. Lori has worked in research labs with her professors, worked as a psychosocial rehab provider for at-risk youth with behavioral issues, and worked with a safe-house for survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to provide safety planning and crisis intervention services while living in Kansas. Lori then moved back home to TN where she began working at Mental Health Cooperative, Inc. as an intensive case manager. When Lori was introduced to Recovery Courts, she quickly saw the benefits of problem-solving courts for her community and the population she serves and knew she had to get involved. Lori is currently serving as a substance abuse counselor for the DUI Treatment Court, while actively pursuing her LADAC. Lori has a heart and passion for working with and advocating for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Photo of Jan Watson

Jan Watson - MCJ, CPRS

Jan Watson is an 8th generation native of Rutherford County and a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where she earned her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. She then went on to pursue her Master’s in Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University and will obtain her degree in December 2020. Jan has her Victim Advocate Certification and is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

Amanda Mills

Amanda Mills - LPC-MHSP, NCC, CCTP

Amanda Mills is graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where she earned dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology followed by a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.  She holds her LPC-MHSP with the state of Tennessee, is a Nationally Certified Counselor, as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  Prior to joining Recovery Court Amanda worked in various mental health and substance abuse treatment settings.  Amanda loves animals (especially her two Boston Terriers), going on new adventures, and bringing joy wherever she can.

Photo of Marcus Jemison

Marcus Jemison -  LADAC II, QCS

Marcus joined Rutherford County Recovery Court in May 2008. He has 20 years of training and experience in the addiction field. He has love and compassion for those suffering with addiction. Outside of work, Marcus enjoys sports, reading and spending time with family. Marcus and his wife have a daughter and four grandchildren.

Miranda Snide

Miranda Snide - BSW

Miranda attended MTSU where she earned a bachelor’s degree in social work. She has been working in the social service field since 2019. She has a passion for working with people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. She believes that anyone can overcome their past and make positive/healthy changes for the future. She lives in Murfreesboro with her three children and her husband. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, watching movies, playing board games, and cuddling with her cat. She is excited to be part of the Recovery Court as a case manager.

Photo of Anthony Yanis

Anthony Yanis - MSW, LADAC II, CCTP, ORDM

Anthony has a master’s degree in Social Work, is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, and a certified clinical trauma professional. He has been an active part of our Recovery Courts since 2013. Anthony’s alma maters are MTSU and NYU. Some of the professional fields Anthony has worked in are: DCS Juvenile Justice, the Board of Education, Physical Therapy, and Minister for a NYC congregation. Anthony’s passion is working with people, helping them develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. Outside of work, Anthony loves spending time with his wife and five adult children, playing board games, taking strolls, watching movies, and walking his dog. Don’t be fooled by Anthony’s strong NYC accent, because he proudly claims to be a Tennessean for the past 14 years.

Photo of LGreene

Letitia Greene - BS

Letitia is an alumna of Middle Tennessee State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. Shortly after graduating, she began her career in the mental health field as a Case Manager with The Guidance Center. During her 7 years of serving the community with Volunteer Behavioral Health, she has held different titles such as Care Manager, Mobile Health Community Liaison, Care Management Team Lead and Office Manager. After this tenure, she went into a different aspect of healthcare at Hospital Corporations of America (HCA) for a few years but always missed the community mental health mission. After hearing about the Recovery Court, she knew this was the perfect chance to serve the community again and jumped at the Mental Health Court Case Management opportunity. In Letitia’s spare time she enjoys freelance photography, spending time with family and indulging in music.

Photo of Tameika

Tameika Gray - MS

Tameika Gray is a graduate of Murray State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She continued her education at Liberty University and obtained her Master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration on Marriage and Family therapy. Tameika has worked in the social services field for 20 years with nine of those years being at the Department of Children’s Services. She has a genuine ability to connect with the clients she serves which allows her to work effectively with those who have unique circumstances. In her free time, Tameika enjoys spending time with her family and friends, trying to recipes, and watching sports. She is especially excited to be a part of the Recovery Court team.

Photo of Janet Cleckner-Mattingly

Janet Cleckner-Mattingly - LMSW

Janet Cleckner-Mattingly joined the 16th Judicial District Recovery Courts in July of 2021. She began her work with recovery courts in 2016. Prior to joining the 16th JDRC, she served as Interim Clinical Director with Educare, a treatment provider for several recovery courts in Williamson County, TN. Janet received her Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Tennessee and holds her LMSW. She is currently in the application process for her clinical license. She knows that, with the help of the Director and the strong team members, the 16th JDRC can be one of the exemplary programs in the nation.

Janet loves what she does. She is guided by a belief in the innate worthiness of all people, and that each interaction is an opportunity to show compassion and build connection. As a social worker she is led by a strong set of ethics, an understanding of the systems we all live within, and the importance of advocacy. She is passionate about holding hope for those suffering. Janet doesn’t prescribe to any formal treatment modality, but rather works alongside each client to develop a plan for the therapeutic process. Janet is trained in trauma treatment, CBT, and ISPR and, when appropriate, will suggest these modalities for treatment.

Janet’s other passion is time with her children, family, and friends. In her downtime she enjoys research, reading, antiquing, and laughing with her loved ones.

Photo of Nich Lyle

Nich Lyle - MS

Nich Lyle attended Lindsey Wilson College where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Counseling immediately followed by his master’s degree in Counseling and Human Development. He worked with all ages in both acute mental health and substance use counseling at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in Kentucky before returning home to middle Tennessee. Here he became a clinical therapist at a residential facility for adolescent boys who were struggling with behavioral issues as well as mental health diagnoses. Nich joined the Rutherford County Recovery Court because he believes in bright futures for those suffering with addiction and believes that everyone deserves to have someone listen to their story with compassion. Outside of work, Nich enjoys live theatre, the martial arts, and creative writing.

Photo of Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis - MSCJ

Lindsey Davis was born and raised in Murfreesboro and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2014 with her bachelor’s in Psychology. She went on to obtain her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Bethel University. Lindsey previously worked in the General Sessions Clerks’ Office before joining the Re-Entry Team as a Case Manager in June of 2020. In April 2021, Lindsey was promoted to Re-Entry Program Coordinator where she works to implement services and programming at the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center and the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. Lindsey’s passion is helping those within the criminal justice system and working to reduce recidivism. She is actively pursuing her LADAC. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, being in the sun and on the water, spending time with Rex (the Goldendoodle) and serving as a Chapter Advisory Board Member for the MTSU chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority.

Photo of Jasmine Tindall

Jasmine Tindall - BS

Jasmine Tindall is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University where she received her B.S. in Criminal Justice. She joined the Rutherford County Re-Entry team in Fall 2020 as a Case Manager. He duties include assessing applicants, facilitating Moral Reconation Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Anger Management and Co-Dependency classes, and providing resources for the participants, just to name a few.  Before joining the Re-Entry team, she served as Williamson County’s DUI Court Case Manager and prior to that she was the Program Director for Behavioral Health Group where she fought the Opioid pandemic on the front lines.  She brings over 8 years of experience working with communities in the Middle Tennessee area dealing with substance abuse and recovery. Jasmine has a passion for helping individuals become the best versions of themselves, and she puts that energy into everything she does. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her husband and 2 kids, CrossFit, and try new recipes.  

Photo of Mardriana McClure

Mardriana McClure - MSCJ  

Mardriana “Marge” McClure is a graduate of University of Cincinnati where she received her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. Mardriana has worked in the social services field for over 10 years working with Marion County Community Corrections in Indianapolis, IN as a Community Supervision Manager and TRV Community Supervision Manager for Duvall Work Release. She also has prior work experience in the St. Louis City Jail as a Caseworker. Mardriana found her true passion working as a Re-Entry Case Manager Pre and Post Release serving individuals coming out of the Missouri Department of Corrections in aftercare providing substance abuse, mental health, and Medication Assisted Treatment. Mardriana has served as a Case Manager to families and youth, as well as previously incarcerated individuals at the Community Action Agency of St. Louis County primarily focusing on Youth Drop out Preventions and Reduction of Recidivism for previously incarcerated individuals through Drug and Alcohol Education, Anger Management, Parenting, Re-Entry, Poverty and Youth Simulations, GED, and Leadership Classes. In her most recent role, she was a Director of Programs for a non-profit agency based in St. Louis, MO, who Facilitated Personal and Professional Development for underserved individuals, incarcerated individuals and people re-entering society after incarceration. Mardriana previously served as the Lead Life Transformation Coach helping others to fulfill their goals. She has a genuine ability to connect with the people she serves by showing general empathy and the desire to help them live the life they desire by reaching their full potential. Mardriana currently provides caregiving for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in her spare time. She is excited to be a part of the Recovery Court team as the part-time Re-Entry Case Manager.

Photo of Leslie McBride


Leslie McBride

Leslie McBride graduated from Middle Tennessee State University. She earned her J.D. from the Nashville School of Law.

An internship with The Rutherford County Public Defender's solidified Leslie's desire to become a criminal defense attorney. Shortly after graduation, Leslie clerked for the Rutherford County Juvenile Court Judge, The Honorable Donna Scott Davenport. She then returned to the Public Defender's to begin her career as an Assistant Public Defender.

When the Veteran's Treatment Court started in Rutherford County in 2015, Leslie was invited to join the treatment team & the same for Mental Health Court when they started in 2017. She now has the privilege of working with all the Recovery Courts & she finds this work to be the most rewarding part of her job!

Photo of Lisa A. Eischeid

Lisa A. Eischeid, Rutherford County General Sessions Judge Part IV

Judge Eischeid graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with her Bachelor of Business Administration in 1988. Afterwards she attended the University of Tennessee School of Law and obtained her Doctor of Jurisprudence in 1992. Later that year, she was admitted to practice law by the Tennessee Bar Examiners. From 1992 until 2016, Judge Eischeid practiced law all over the Middle Tennessee area and in 2011 also became a Licensed Rule 31 Family Mediator and conducted several hundred mediations.

In August of 2016, Judge Eischeid was elected in Rutherford County Tennessee as the General Sessions Judge Part IV. In this position, Judge Eischeid presides over misdemeanor and felony cases by either conducting preliminary hearings or accepting guilty pleas. In May of 2018, Judge Eischeid became the recovery court judge presiding over the DUI Recovery Court.

Photo of Lisa A. Eischeid

Judge Jimmy Turner

A West Tennessee native, Judge Jimmy Turner graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Administration. He graduated from Nashville School of Law in 2011. As an attorney, his practice focused on criminal defense. From 2019 to 2021 he also served as the City Attorney for Eagleville, Tennessee.

On January 12, 2021, Judge Turner was appointed by Governor Bill Lee as Circuit Court Judge, Division II, for the 16th Judicial District. Judge Turner presides over a criminal docket involving all types of felony and misdemeanor crimes. He also presides over Drug Court. Jimmy and his wife currently reside in Lascassas, Tennessee with their two sons. His wife is an elementary school teacher for Rutherford County Schools.