Utility Providers

Past due utilities are eligible for this program.  Once a tenant has applied and been approved for this assistance, payment will be sent directly to the Utility Provider address as noted on the most recent utility bill along with account number of the tenant via a paper check. 

The Tenant has been approved for COVID-19 Rental Relief Funds that will cover their past due utility balance; however, the current portion of the utility bill is due soon. How should this be handled?

We encourage the tenant to communicate with their utility company about this situation and make every effort to pay their current bill. We are working diligently to get the funds to landlords and utilities as quickly as possible; however, it’s important for the tenant to stay in contact with the utility company throughout this process. A tenant may take a screen shot of the approval email and communicate this with the Utility provider. Tenant will have to access the portal and log into their application to see the payment details.

Will utilities need to do anything on the application side or will renters only need to supply a past

due utility bill when they are submitting their application?

Tenants will apply for assistance on utility arrears, not the utility companies. Past due statements will provide sufficient support.

How will funds be distributed to utilities?

Check Payments will be made on behalf of the tenants to the address on the utility statements.

If someone only needs utility assistance, does only the tenant need to apply, not the landlord?

Yes. The program will still require documentation that proves they are renters, such as a lease confirming the name and address of the tenant, and past due utility account statements confirming address of tenant.

Will an individual check be sent for each application to the utilities or will the payment have multiple applications on a single check and provide a listing of accounts with that check to the utility?

Individual checks sent to Utility companies per tenant

At what point will you inform the Utilities that someone is approved for the funding or will the only notification be when we receive a check?

Tenants are encouraged to inform their utility providers when they have been approved for utility assistance.  The Utility Company may request a screen shot of the approval email for assistance.

Will the approval letter be specific about the assistance the tenants will be getting? So when we take it to utility companies, will they be able to see that the county has pledged to pay a specific amount?

Once application has been submitted the tenant can see a dashboard and check see where it is in the process.   There will be no pledge letters. Tenants are encouraged to inform their utility providers when they have been approved for assistance. A screen shot of the application to show that the tenant has applied and it is under review will suffice in most cases.

How will the County know where to mail the checks to?

Approved Utility Company payments will be mailed to the address on the tenant’s bill and include the name and account number.

Can you clarify if a tenant’s past due and current due balance will be eligible? For example, if a tenant brings you a $500 electric bill, and $300 is past due and $200 is current, will the assistance be the full $500 or only the $300 past due?

The program guidelines include payment of past due utilities only.