Ambulance Overview

Rutherford County Emergency Medical Service is a county service which originated on October 15, 1972. Rutherford County EMS is the primary Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider for the County of Rutherford. EMS is funded by the property tax. Rutherford County EMS provides the citizens of Rutherford County with the following services:

  • Advanced Life Support
  • Public Event Medical Coverage
  • T.O.P.S. Medics
  • Bike Medics
  • Public Service and Education Medics
  • First Aid/CPR Instructors

EMS Operations consists of 15 transport units operated from 13 locations around the county. These ambulances are responsible for the primary 911 medical response twenty-four hours a day. EMS units are staffed with a minimum of one EMT-Paramedic and one Advanced EMT.

Each shift is assigned a Commander and two Captains. The Commander's are responsible for all daily operations of the shift and work twenty-four-hour shifts. The Commanders and Captains are part of the administrative staff and are also available to respond to calls in an ALS equipped 4x4 vehicle.


 Number of Response Units

  • 16 Ambulance stations
  • 18 ALS Ambulances
  • 29 Total Ambulances
  • 1 Tactical Response Unit
  • 6 4x4 ALS First Response Units
  • Ambu Mass Casualty Bus

We have 15 ambulances operating on a standard 24 hour on and 72 hour off shift.

 Shift Commanders

  • A-Shift - Doug Leverette
  • B-Shift - Josh Wright
  • C-Shift - Wendy Lampley
  • D-Shift - Mike Johnson

 Shift Captains

  • A-Shift - Rick Murr, Clay Jackson
  • B-Shift - Joe Shannon, Justin Jernigan
  • C-Shift - Austin Meador, Jonathan Renberg
  • D-Shift - Chris Reed, Janna Chew