Surrendering A Pet

PAWS accepts animal intakes by appointment only by calling the PAWS Resource Desk Line at 615-907-DOGS (3647)to schedule an appointment to bring in an animal(s). The pet surrender area is closed on Sundays and most holidays - animals can not be accepted at the shelter on such days. You may also contact the shelter's main line at 615-898-7740 (option 5) to receive additional guidance regarding strays or other pet intake services. For emergencies, please contact your local Police Department or the Sheriff's Office. 

Active February 1, 2018, PAWS accepts animal intakes by appointment only. Stray animals that are sick, injured, or have bitten will be accepted ASAP, without an appointment. Note this area is closed on Sundays and holidays. For more information view the Animal Intake Notice below.

This transition is in an effort to better serve the citizens and animals of Rutherford County, by providing a better customer service experience by reducing wait times for those bringing in stray animals and provide owners that are surrendering their pet with pertinent information and resources, so that they can make the most informed decision. This will not change the what animals we take, simply how we take them.

Is there Any Way to Keep Him or Her?
Below are many of the reasons that people choose to give up their pet.  Many of these do have solutions and we encourage you to do everything possible to accommodate your pet or the stray into your household.   If you need advice from us, please call us before you are to the point of total frustration.

Rental Problems


Unruly Behavior

Destructive behavior/house soiling/barking

Shows Aggression

Litter Box Accidents

Claws Furniture

Your Decision

Still Thinking of Giving Up Your Pet?