Historic Property Survey

Prepared by Rutherford County GIS Department
In 1980, historic preservation students from Middle Tennessee State University were given the opportunity to conduct a historic property survey in Rutherford County. They drove the city streets and county roads looking for any buildings (houses, barns, school, churches, etc.) that were at least 50 years old or older. The students took pictures and recorded four-page surveys for every historic site they encountered. Thirty years later, in the winter of 2010, the Rutherford County Archives received a grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission to revisit this survey and make it available to the general public.

The Rutherford County Archives employed students to digitize all of the photographs and data forms from the original survey. Then the students re-drove the roads and updated all the pictures taken in 1980. It was interesting to see how much has changed in Rutherford County in the past thirty years, but also how much has been preserved!

With help from the Rutherford County GIS Department along with staff from the Tennessee Historical Commission, we present our findings on the following:



For more information about the Rutherford County Historic Property Survey, please contact the County Archives.