Research Policies

The Rutherford County Archives welcomes general enquiries and requests. However, we have a limited staff, so please allow up to two weeks for research requests.

Please follow the accompanying procedures for requesting information:
Researchers can submit questions and enquiries either via E-mail or traditional mail. Please provide a mailing address with all enquiries.

Please limit genealogical enquiries to no more than three individuals at one time; for example one surname or three surnames (i.e. John, Bob and Bill Smith; or John Underwood, Bob Dickson and Bill Smith). Enquiries containing more than three individuals will have the first three names researched and the rest returned.

For all requests, the Archives will look up the enquiry, copy the appropriate information and send said copies to the researcher. When the request has been received a new enquiry can be made. Please allow up to two weeks for answers to requests.

Current copy and postage fees are $0.15 per page. The first 10 pages are free. Please make checks out to:
Rutherford County Archives
435 Rice Street
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

All prices are subject to change. The Rutherford County Archives reserves the right to charge a research fee in the future, although no such fee exists at present.