Circuit Court Clerk - Criminal Division

  • Judge Barry Tidwell
  • Judge James A. Turner

Circuit Criminal Court handles all felony and misdemeanor cases presented to the Grand Jury. This office serves as the keeper of all Circuit Criminal Court Records and collection of costs.

Courtroom Conduct

  • Be on time for court.

  • Children are not allowed in the courtroom.

  • Remove hats, ball caps and sunglasses.

  • Please turn cell phones off and do not text while in the courtroom.

  • Please refrain from bringing drinks, newspapers or magazines into the courtroom.

  • Do not talk or make gestures of any kind to inmates while in the courtroom.

  • Make your objections briefly and on legal grounds.

  • Stand when objecting or addressing the bench.

  • Treat litigants, probation officers, police officers and opposing counsel with respect.

  • Do not respond to opposing counsel’s objection unless asked to do so by the Judge.

  • Do not make sidebar remarks, either direct or indirect.

  • Do not use racist, sexist, obscene or profane language in court (unless eliciting or quoting from facts in the case).

  • There will be no discussion with the District Attorney’s office about plea agreements in the courtroom while court is in session.

  • Attorneys, probation officers and police officers should refrain from talking in the courtroom.  Attorneys are responsible for keeping their clients and witnesses quiet.