Home-Based Business

Please be advised that the receipt of a business license from the Rutherford County Clerks Office and/or other business approvals from the State of Tennessee does not automatically approve your location for a business activity.

If you are considering establishing a business to be operated from your residential property you will be required to have approval for that use from the Rutherford County Planning Department.  Please visit their page on this website for further information and instructions on how to submit your application. 

Any business that plans to build, or make renovations, is required to have Building Permits prior to construction and occupancy.

Any new signs or alterations to existing signs displayed on the exterior of the building or on site, whether permanent or temporary, require prior approval and permits.

FAILURE TO OBTAIN PROPER APPROVALS AND PERMITS prior to opening a business could result in fines or even the relocation of a business if zoning/code requirements cannot be met at the current location.