Correctional Work Center Visitation



  • Provide a drivers license for us to copy and attach to your application. Your driver’s license must also be shown for every visit.
  • Wait 3 to 4 business days before calling to check on the status / schedule a visit.
  • Visitations can be set up at 24 hours in advance. This can be done by calling 615-898-7847 or in the visitation lobby by 3pm.
  • Visits are twice a week for the inmates. Be aware they are on a video monitor, not face to face or through a glass. Although more than one person can schedule for the same visit, limited seating results in only one adult at a time being allowed to the visitation area.
  • Visits are held every day from 8:15am to 3 pm, not including the 11-12 lunch hour. This being inmates lunch time.
  • Visits are on the hour except the first one which runs 8:15am to 9am and the last which is 3pm to 3:45pm.
  • Visits last from the start of the hour to the end of the hour(except the above mentioned). If a visitor arrives late, the visit will not be a full hour. EXAMPLE: a visit is scheduled for 9am. Visitor arrives at 9:15 the visit will be over at 10am. Resulting in a 45 minute visit. It is the visitor’s responsibility to arrive on time to the full hour of their visitation.
  • Children are permitted to visit as long as a minor waiver is filled out by the guardian and notarized. Waivers are located at the front desk. A non incarcerated adult must also be on the premises during a child’s visitation.
  • Children must be quiet so as to not disturb other visitors or the front desk operations. If a child becomes too disruptive, the visit will end and visitors will be asked to leave.
  • Although some might need authorization from the superintendent, anyone can be a visitor provided a background check has been conducted and cleared and the person has not been incarcerated here for at least 6 months.
  • Visitors are allowed communication only with the scheduled inmate. Any attempt to visit with another inmate during a visit will result in the visit being cut off immediately with no make up visit.
  • Due to how easy it spreads through the phones, we ask if you have any coughing or flu like symptoms to refrain from visiting. This will help others and yourself by eliminating the transmission of the many illnesses.