Rutherford County Historic Courthouse

The 1950s - 1960s

Rutherford County was beginning to change from agrarian based economy to attracting many industries and manufacturing interests. The Courthouse and central business district experienced the most change. In 1951, Murfreesboro with an urban renewal project began removal of a slum area known as "The Bottom". Replacing this area was Broad Street connecting U.S. 41 from Murfreesboro to Nashville. Until then West College was then link to Nashville. The coming of industry caused Rutherford County’s population to skyrocket. Much of the retail activity shifted to shopping centers away from the Square. In the early 1960’s, wings on the north and south side of the Courthouse were completed. Additional office space was needed to accommodate the County’s growing need.

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In 1962, the wings of the Historic Courthouse were completed.