Rutherford County Historic Courthouse

Reconstruction: The Late 1800s

Rutherford County faced economic problems similar to other regions of the South. Farmlands had served as battlefields and many splendid mansions were torched and only the charred walls remained. Miraculously the Courthouse remained intact. Alterations and minor repairs were approved by the Quarterly Court in 1867. It is not known if the Courthouse was in need of general repair, if it had been damaged during the war. Minor repairs and improvements continue to be made until the turn of the century.

In 1869, an iron fence was placed around the Courtyard. Damage had occurred to the fence due to horses being tied to it. In 1872, hitching posts were built around the Square to eliminate this problem. Attention continued to be made to the aesthetic beauty of the Courthouse interior. In 1874, two chandeliers were purchased for the courtroom and hall for a total of one hundred sixty-seven dollars. The turn of the century brought minor repairs to the Courthouse. A cistern was filled and the roof was repainted.

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