Drug-Free Workplace

The Drug-Free Workplace Act, which was passed in 1988, requires workplaces receiving Federal contracts or grants to maintain a drug-free workplace.  Rutherford County Government has a legal and moral obligation to ensure whatever steps are necessary to provide a safe “drug-free work environment” for all county employees.

Rutherford County maintains a drug-free workplace awareness program.  The County recognizes drug and alcohol dependency as treatable illnesses and will assist employees in seeking proper treatment with referral to the appropriate agencies.  Referral will be without penalty and must be a voluntary request of the employee prior to a termination offense specified in this policy.

All Rutherford County employees are expected to adhere to the following County’s Drug-Free Workplace policy:

  • Every employee should consult with his/her immediate supervisor to determine the applicability of a drug and alcohol testing procedure or program required of that employee by Federal, State or local laws or regulations.

  • It is the responsibility of the employee to inform the county (Department Head or Designee), prior to the start of his/her workday, when he/she is taking prescribed medications that may alter his/her behavior or affect his/her job performance.  The County recognizes that certain drugs, although they can be prescribed and taken legally, are also potential detriments to job performance and health.

  • Any employee whose judgment, behavior or job performance is impaired to the point that their work can no longer be performed appropriately will have to submit to a drug and alcohol test.  A medical confirmation of recent use of illegal or controlled drugs and/or alcohol will be considered sufficient reason for termination of employment. 

  • A conviction for the possession, use, sale or manufacture of unauthorized or illegal substance off or on County property will be considered sufficient reason for termination of employment.  The County must be notified within five (5) days of any alcohol or drug related conviction by the employee.

  • Unlawful manufacture, possession, use, sale or distribution of unauthorized illegal drugs and/or alcohol during work hours, or at any time on the County’s property while acting in any capacity as a County employee will be considered sufficient reason for termination of employment.