Employment FAQ

Before Applying

Carefully read the job descriptions of the positions in which you are interested, and apply only for those you meet the minimum qualifications. Make sure to submit an application for each position you wish to apply, you may also attach a resume to supplement the application. Note the deadline for submission to make certain it is received within the designated time-frame. Ensure your application includes accurate up to date information regarding your education, past employment, and contact information. Verify that the salary range listed for the position compares and meets your salary requirements.

How do I apply for a job with Rutherford County Government?

What happens after I submit my application?

I am in the process of completing my application online and have a problem. Who should I contact for assistance?

I received a notification indicating that I did not qualify for a job for which I applied? Can I appeal this decision?

I've completed my application and taken the tests. How does the rest of the hiring process work?

How often should I check the your website to be sure that I do not miss out on an opportunity to apply for a job while it is open?

May I submit a paper application?

What happens when an application is submitted for a job that is closed (i.e., applications are not currently being accepted)?

I received my degree in another country. Am I eligible to apply for Rutherford County jobs?

How will an applicant be evaluated?

Will the same evaluation process be used for open positions, transfer, and promotional positions?

How does this new evaluation process impact the hiring departments?

What do hiring departments need to include on the requisition?

Will the Department of Human Resources review supplemental questions for departments?

What type of questions may the hiring department use as supplemental questions?

Is there a maximum number of supplemental questions allowed?

Is there a minimum number of first round interview questions?

Are the supplemental questions included with the original job posting on the website?

Who evaluates the applicant responses?

Will the new process delay agencies receiving the referred list?

Does the Agency Resource Center wait to review applications until after the announcement closes?

When will the hiring departments receive the referred list?

How many candidates are to be invited for the 1st round interview?

Does the county accept paper applications?

Will there be any allowances if an applicant does not check their email and participate in the supplemental questions?

How many days does the hiring department have to complete the requisition process?

Will this process cause hiring departments to see unqualified applicants on referred lists?