Highway Department

The Rutherford County Highway Dept. maintains roads which are listed in the Rutherford County Road Book. State roads, city streets, and any other roads which are not listed in the County Commission approved road book, cannot be worked on by the Highway Dept. There are over 940 miles in the current County Road Book.

The Road Superintendent is elected to a four year term, as is the seven member Highway Commission. The Superintendent is responsible for the day to day operations. Each Highway Commissioner represents three of the twenty-one county commission districts. The Highway Commission meets each month to approve spending and discuss concerns of their constituents.

This department receives funding from state fuel tax, portions of the wheel tax, and portions of the mineral severance tax. The only property tax it receives is to do off road right-of-way, county approved, drainage problems. This amounts to approximately, $500,000 a year, or one cent of the property tax.

The Highway Dept Office is located at 1510 Rutledge Way. This new facility was completed in 2003, at no additional cost to the taxpayers. The two million dollar facility was built from the ending fund balance of previous year’s budgets.

The Highway Dept. owns and operates its own rock quarry and crushing facility. The new shop is a state of the art facility, where we do all maintenance and repair to our equipment. There are several crews that do paving, mowing, trucking, and anything else to do with road maintenance. We have approximately 70 employees, which is relatively small number compared to other counties our size. These employees are dedicated men and women who do an excellent job, whatever it may be.

Highway Commission:
4 year terms

  • David “Rabbit“ Victory:  1-Dist. 5-11-12
    term expires: August 31, 2026
  • Keith Bratcher:  2-Dist. 1-2-3
    term expires: August 31, 2024
  • Michael Shirley:  3-Dist. 4-6-7
    term expires: August 31, 2024
  • Keith Elrod: 4-Dist. 8-9-10
    term expires: August 31, 2026
  • Michael Anderson:  5-Dist. 17-18-21
    term expires: August 31, 2024
  • Paul Johnson:  6-Dist. 13-15-16
    term expires: August 31, 2024
  • Mark Lee: 7-Dist. 14-19-20
    term expires: August 31, 2026
  • Greg Brooks:  Hwy. Supt.
    term expires: August 31, 2024