Online Citizen Complaint Form

Procedure for citizens to follow when making complaint concerning an employee of the Rutherford
County Fire Rescue Department or any aspect of the Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department.

How to file a complaint?

  1. Call the Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department at 615-867-4626; or
  2. Email the Office of Professional Standards - [email protected] ; or
  3. Print and submit the PDF Citizen Complaint Form in person or via [email protected]; or
  4. Complete the online citizen complaint form below.

A Rutherford County Fire Rescue Department Supervisor will assist you in submitting a complaint should assistance be needed. You will be asked to identify yourself and then give details about your complaint. If you choose to remain anonymous, your complaint will still be investigated to the fullest possible extent.

While your complaint is being investigated, you may be contacted and asked additional questions about your complaint. At no time during this investigation will said employee, of whom said complaint was made, be authorized to make any contact with you.

When said complaint has been investigated, the Office of Professional Standards or a Supervisor will respond to you explaining what has been discovered about the matter.

Complainants Address: *
Important: Please read and understand the statement below before signing this document.

“I swear or affirm that the statements contained in this Complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that in filing a false Complaint in whole or in part could be punishable by law. That such false report is a violation of the Tennessee Code Annotated §39-16-502. I further understand that filing a false report may result in criminal and/or civil action against me.”

I make the following complaint with the understanding that giving a false report by virtue of this statement as a report may result in prosecution against me.  Tennessee Code Annotated §39-16-502 prohibits the false reporting of facts or circumstances to Police Officers in an official report. 

* - denotes required field