Women, Infants, Children (W.I.C.)

Children under age five, pregnant and breastfeeding who are at or below 185% of poverty and have a nutritional risk receive a limited health screening, nutritional counseling and food vouchers.

What is W.I.C.?

Requirements for Eligibility
To be eligible for W.I.C. services you must meet the income guidelines enforced by the State of Tennessee. See Income Guidelines here.

At each certification, you must bring:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of identity for you and your children
  • Your child/children on W.I.C. must be present at visit
  • Updated shot (immunization) records
  • Insurance cards (TennCare, etc.)
  • Proof of Tennessee residency

At each voucher pickup you or your proxy must bring proof of identity.  If you do not bring these items at each visit; you will not receive W.I.C. services.

Items you can use as proof
Income (Must be dated within the last 30 days except for Tax Returns)

1. Check stubs
2. Bank statements (we must be able to see gross income)
3. Income-statement from employer (when paid in cash or if check stubs are not available)
4. Letter of support
5. Proof of eligibility for Food Stamps (statement showing $ amount), TANF, or Medicaid
6. SS1 benefit statements
7. W-2 Forms with latest Tax Return

1. Birth certificate
2. Driver's License
3. Hospital birth certificate, ID bracelet, or crib card
4. Photo ID
5. Passport
6. Social Security Card
7. Registration in other government programs
8. Immunization Record

1. Rent receipt/mortgage statement
2. Utility bill/receipt
3. Official correspondence
4. Letter of Residency

If you or your child/children are on TennCare please brings those cards to every visit and also bring your child/children's updated immunization record(s) to every W.I.C. visit as well.

What You May Receive on W.I.C.
WIC participants can also download the WICShopper app onto their smartphones by going to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for WICShopper. Additionally, participants can visit the Tennessee Department of Health’s website at for instructions to download the app to their smartphone. The WICShopper app is available to all and free to download.

For a complete, updated list of what all you may receive on the W.I.C. program click here

For a complete list of participating grocery stores and other W.I.C. resources all within Rutherford County visit document below. 

If your child requires a special kind of formula, please have your pediatrician or medical doctor complete the appropriate form and bring it with you to your next visit. A link to the appropriate form is in the following section.

For Healthcare Providers
If you have a patient(s) who needs a form completed regarding a referral to the program or alternate formula provided, or you need additional information about the Tennessee W.I.C. program, please visit the State of Tennessee’s website here.  

Any forms that you may need can be found in the link above. 


  • W.I.C. stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is also called the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program. 
  • W.I.C. is a federal program designed to provide supplemental food to low-income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, infants and children until the age of five.
  • The program provides a combination of nutrition education, supplemental foods, breastfeeding promotion and support, and referrals for health care. W.I.C. has proven to be effective in preventing and improving nutrition related health problems.
  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds the WIC Program. The Tennessee Department of Health provides the services in about 140 county health department locations and hospital sites throughout the state.  The program serves about 165,000 eligible participants each month.  
  • Participants must be residents of Tennessee, meet the gross income guidelines and be determined to be at nutritional or medical risk. Supplemental food instruments (vouchers) and cash value vouchers are issued to participants and can be used to purchase approved food items at any of the 900+ participating W.I.C. authorized grocery stores and pharmacies.

From Another State?
If you are moving to Rutherford County, Tennessee, and previously received W.I.C. in another state, you must bring in a verification of certification (V.O.C.), for each person on W.I.C., with you to your first visit to the health department.

From Another County in Tennessee?
If you are moving from another county within the state of Tennessee, to Rutherford County, then a V.O.C. is not necessary. However, we will still need to be informed that you were receiving W.I.C. in another county during your first visit to the health department. 

Online Classes
Online classes to renew your W.I.C. benefits are an option in some cases at certain points of the program. Please call us at (615) 898-7880 to see if you are eligible.

Once you complete an online session, please call us and let us know so that our W.I.C. staff can load your benefits onto your card. These benefits do not reload automatically without the action of a W.I.C. staff member. 

Lost/Stolen W.I.C. Card
If you have misplaced your W.I.C. card, or think that it may have been stolen, you can walk in between 8 a.m.-10 a.m. or 1 p.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday to have the lost/stolen card disabled and a new card issued to you. 

Helpful Resources