Communicable disease and food borne illnesses are investigated, specimens are collected, lab testing is conducted and preventive treatment is provided as appropriate.

For the Public
Tuberculosis Information:
Skin testing is provided to persons assessed to be at risk for tuberculosis. Medication is provided to suspected, active and latent cases. Contacts to suspected or known cases are notified, tested, and treated as needed.

For Healthcare Providers
All physicians, laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare providers are required to report any diagnoses of a reportable disease to the TN Department of Health.

Tennessee Department of Health’s Reportable Diseases and Events schedule by category

To phone in a report, or for any questions or concerns relating to a reportable disease please call 615-898-7881. All faxed PH-1600 reporting forms should be sent to 615-898-7829.  

All disease reporting requiring immediate telephone notification not during the health department hours of operation (8:00 AM-4:30 PM Monday through Friday) should be addressed to the Department of Health Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness at 615-741-7247 or 800-404-3006.

Tuberculosis Information:
For information about TB and it’s relation to Tennessee, click here.

Please note: Current TB Community Statistics are located in the link above.

Reliable Resources
The following website is a helpful and reliable resource for everyone:

This site provides all information needed for reporting. The A-Z listing contains information on all reportable diseases.

For the public, there is a patient fact sheet for any and all diseases that you may need to know more about.

For health care providers, there is a description of every disease, reporting guidelines, testing information, and a link to print the PH-1600 required for reporting.