Prohibited Sign Violations

Rutherford County Zoning Ordinance section 1204 states "The following signs shall be prohibited and may neither be erected nor maintained:

Any sign for which a permit is required and has not been issues, excluding any existing legal nonconforming sign;

Flashing or otherwise moving signs;

  • Any sign that obstructs a clear view to and from traffic along any street right-of-way, entrance or exit;
  • Signs or sign structures located in the right-of-way, except as required by appropriate federal, state, city, or county governmental authorities;
  • Signs which make use of words such as "stop", "look", "danger" or any other words, phrases, symbols or character in such a manner as to resemble standard traffic control signs and interfere with, mislead or confuse drivers of vehicles traveling upon any highway, driveway or parking area;

Portable signs;

  • Sign display areas with varying light illumination and/or intensity, blinking, simulated movement or convey the illusion of movement
  • Signs that are of such intensity or brilliance as to cause glare or impair the vision of any motorist, cyclist or pedestrian using or entering a public way;
  • Any other sign which is not expressly allowed is prohibited;"

If you have a complaint that meets any of the above criteria and would like to submit a formal complaint you may do so here: