Tall Weeds and Grass

Rutherford County Board of Commissioners Tall Weeds and Grass Ordinance dated 11/13/2008 section 1.4a-d and 1.4f states "a. For the purpose of this resolution weeds and other similar regulated vegetation shall be kept cut, clipped or controlled through chemical means as frequently as necessary to ensure that weeds, rank grass, and noxious growths do not exceed a height of fifteen (15) inches. Such vegetation shall be maintained on property as set forth below:

  1. The entire area of any lot, parcel, or tract containing two (2) acres or less.
  2. Within twenty-five (25) feet of any street right of way.
    1. Nothing herein shall preclude the use of a parcel as a natural wooded area or the maintenance of natural screening provided that the public health, safety, and welfare not be impaired.
    2. It shall be unlawful for any person to rake, cut or pile weeds, grass, brush, vegetation, dead or broken tree limbs, dead trees, or rubbish into any ditch or natural drain or at any place on the property that might obstruct the vision of the operators of vehicles or pedestrians of or obstruct the flow of water or drainage.
    3. All enforcement actions with respect to Section 1 of this resolution shall commence upon confirmation of complaint.  All complaints should be appropriately documented and reflect the specific nature and location of the complaint.
    4. see above, Unlicensed or Inoperable Vehicles
    5. These provisions do not apply to any lot which includes an owner-occupied residence, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotate 5-1-115 subsection."