Members of Solid Waste Team
(L-R): David McDuffie- Convenience Center Coordinator, James Borella – Recycling Lead Attendant, Jacqueline (Jackie) Golevicz – Solid Waste Dispatcher, Bobbie Lankford – Communications and Recycling Administrative Assistant, Tammy Hackney – Solid Waste Accounts Administrative Assistant, Bishop Wagener – Solid Waste Director, Johnny Hackney – Solid Waste and Landfill Lead Mechanic, Yolanda Gaines – Solid Waste Landfill Scale House Administrative Assistant, Matt Davis – Assistant Solid Waste Director, John (JP) Paul – Cranor Road Convenience Center Lead Attendant

Rutherford County Mayor Joe Carr Declares Garbage Man Week in Rutherford County

Rutherford County – TN (06/17/2024) As the nation celebrates June 17 as “National Garbage Man Day,” Mayor Joe Carr declared the week of June 17 as Garbage Man Week in Rutherford County during the County Commission meeting Thursday.

National Garbage Man Day was created in 1988 by New York City sanitation worker Bob Gordon to recognize the hardworking garbage men and women around the world who collect trash every day. 

The Rutherford County Solid Waste Department is led by Solid Waste Director Bishop Wagener with 41 full and 24 part-time employees who interface with hundreds of trash collectors, dumpster haulers, sewage workers, street cleaners and others employed in the sanitation industry who serve the fastest growing county in Tennessee.  

“We have so many employees, but you would be hard-pressed to find a more thankless job than what these people do every day,” Carr said. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bishop and he has a tremendous staff, phenomenal.” 

Wagener said he could not take credit for the success of the Solid Waste Department.

“It’s because I have such an incredible dedicated team,” Wagener said. “I believe this is the first time in Tennessee history where a county has recognized this week for garbage men and women and I could not be more proud of that. “

Carr’s proclamation stated how the proper collection and disposal of waste and recyclables is vital to preventing disease, litter and dump heaps and refuse haulers contribute to a tidy and clean community. 

The Solid Waste Department operates 14 convenience centers that accept solid waste and recyclables throughout Rutherford County.  More information can be found at or visit the Facebook page at