Juror Qualifications & Exemptions

Jurors must be:

  • a citizen of the United States
  • a resident of Rutherford County for at least twelve (12) consecutive months
  • 18 years of age or older

Serving on a jury is an awesome responsibility and is one of the only opportunities citizens have to participate directly in our process of governance. Unlike voting, jury service is mandatory. We urge all citizens to respond to their summons for jury duty and to put forth their best effort to serve when called. We recognize, as do the Courts, that jury duty imposes a heavy burden on many citizens. However, those who fulfill their civic duty will find that they are appreciated by the court system and often report that serving was a positive and educational experience.

The jury system is the foundation of our system of justice. If we as citizens do not assume the mantel of responsibility, we cannot ensure that fair juries will be found to decide the cases in which we may be involved. Remember, you would want a fair, unbiased jury to decide your case. The only way to achieve that is to commit to serve when called for jury duty.

However, Courts do understand that there may be substantial and legitimate reasons that inhibit your ability to serve, and they have developed procedures to ease the burdens of service.

Age Exemption:
T.C.A. § 22-1-103 Effective July 1, 2021:

A person who is seventy-five (75) years of age or older is excused from jury service upon showing that the person is seventy-five (75) years of age or older and that the person is incapable of performing jury service because of a mental or physical condition. The Jury Coordinator of the county shall excuse the person from jury service upon receiving a written declaration stating the person's name and date of birth and declaring the mental or physical condition that causes the person to be incapable of performing jury service. The declaration may be completed by the person or the person's personal representative. This bill does not prevent a person seventy-five (75) years of age or older from participating in jury service.  Please see the Age Exemption Bill below for more information.