Juror Compensation and Employer Responsibility

Jurors are paid $11.00 each day that they report. Juror checks will be mailed out by the 15th day of the following month of service.  A certificate of attendance is available for juror's employers and can be obtained from the Clerk's office. 

No employer shall discharge or in any manner discriminate against an employee for serving on jury duty.

If an employee is working a night shift or is working during hours preceding those in which court is normally held, such employee shall also be excused from employment for the shift immediately preceding the employee’s first day of service. After the first day of service, if the employee is serving more than three hours during a day, shall be excused from the employee’s next scheduled work period occurring within twenty-four hours of such day of jury service.

If an employer employs less than five people on a regular basis or if the juror has been employed by an employer on a temporary basis for less than six months, the employer is not required to compensate the juror during the period of jury service. All other Tennessee employers must provide a juror’s usual compensation for the time the juror actually spends serving and traveling to and from jury duty. An employer has the discretion to deduct the amount of compensation the juror receives from the court.

You can read Tennessee Code Annotated 22-4-106 below to learn more about your employment rights during jury duty.