Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit

Disasters happen anytime and anywhere. And when disaster strikes, you should be prepared. A hazardous material incident could mean evacuation. A winter storm could confine your family at home. A tornado or any other disaster could cut water, electricity and telephones for days. After a disaster, local officials and relief workers will be on the scene, but they cannot reach everyone immediately. Would your family be prepared to cope with the emergency until help arrives? Your family will cope best by preparing for disaster before it strikes. One way to prepare is by assembling a Disaster Supplies Kit. Once disaster hits, you won't have time to shop or search for supplies. By being prepared and gathering supplies in advance your family can better survive in an emergency. Families should prepare themselves to be completely self-sufficient for a period of no less than 3 to 5 days.

To Prepare A Kit



First-Aid Kit

Non-Prescription Drugs

Tools and Supplies


Clothing and Bedding

Special Items


Important Family Documents

Storing Your Disaster Kit