Probation - Olive Branch

Established 2020


 What We Do

Over the years of working at probation, we've seen a continuous need, and that is the need for clothing and food. Some of our clients are homeless and others just need small items to get them through until their next paycheck.

We feel that helping our clients in all aspects of their life will assist them with their goals in becoming a more lawful contributing member of our community. After seeing the needs, we began gifting our giving bags, which consisted of a snack, water, socks, hand warmers and a few daily hygiene products, for the homeless and we've watched the need blossom.

Over the years, probation has been seen as only a fundamentally direct overseer of the conditions of those who have broken the law. We have in fact become so much more than that. With the use of our clothing, food, and toiletries, we have been fortunate enough to help several of our clients in need. Our goal is to help many more of the people we serve.

One of the most touching memories is that of a single dad, who had lost custody his children, became homeless and unemployed. We were able to gift him a tent, clean clothes, new shoes and the hope of a job. A few months later, he came in with a job, keys to his new apartment, and a recently purchased used vehicle. Even better, his kids now live with him again. With this kind of inspiring story, how could we not want expand what we can offer to those who need help?

We hope our community will rally together and help support some of our clients who need us the most. We would love to connect with you to help bring awareness to this cause and help us provide the growing help needed.

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Canned broth
Canned food (pop-top lids) Canned meats
Canned vegetables
Cooking oils
Granola bars
Instant mashed
Peanut butter
Powdered milk

Feminine Hygiene
Toilet paper
Reusable bags (not plastic grocery bags)

In addition, we also welcome gently used clothing, coats and shoes